Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene at Main Street Dental Office in Brampton

Dental hygiene is an important component of dental as well as overall health. At our Main Street Brampton office we give a lot of importance to dental hygiene.

The dental hygiene visit at our office includes:

  • Examination :
    • Complete medical history
    • Examination of the head and neck
    • Examination of teeth and gums
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Dental X-rays to check for cavities, bone levels, or developing problems under the gums
  • Dietary analysis: Learning which foods and lifestyles increase the risk for cavities and gum disease. Stressing the link between diet and optimal oral health.
  • Smoking cessation (for smokers): Providing various options for how to quit smoking.
  • Oral hygiene instructions: Explaining and demonstrating brushing and flossing techniques. Also providing with healthy, easy tips to keep teeth and gums healthy.
  • Scaling of teeth: To remove any plaque and calculus (tartar).
  • Polishing of teeth: To remove any extrinsic stain and to give teeth the perfect shine and smoothness.
  • Application of Fluoride: Fluoride application is a preventative step to make teeth more resistant to acid that is produced by bacteria, acid in foods, and sugars in the mouth. Application of fluoride can be completed in the office in forms of gel, foam, varnish, or a rinse.
  • Probing: It is the measurement of any loss of bone around the teeth and early intervention