Dental Mouth Guards and Night Guards in Brampton

mainstreet dental office brampton mouthguards and nightguards

A Mouth guard is a protective appliance worn during high impact activities. This appliance minimizes any injury to the teeth during sports. It also protects the TMJ. This can reduce the occurrence of a concussion.

Talk to the staff at Main Street Dental Office, as there are many types of sports mouthguards. A customized mouthguard – one made to fit your mouth perfectly – is usually recommended. However, in certain circumstances, such as when a person is wearing braces, modifications have to be made.

A night guard is a piece of thin plastic "U" shaped appliance. It is usually recommended when patients grind or clench their teeth. Sometimes excessive grinding or clenching can cause tension in the muscles surrounding the jaw, head and neck areas. This can result in discomfort in the TMJ and also recurrent headaches. Excessive grinding can also result in chipping, fracture, wear, loosening or sensitivity of teeth.

Most of the excessive grinding will occur at night, therefore night guard is usually recommended for night time use. It prevents the top and bottom teeth from coming in contact with each other. As a result, it relaxes the muscles surrounding the TMJ. A night guard is custom made by a dentist. There is no drilling or freezing (needles) involved in this procedure.

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